Sailing and Paragliding Expedition in Croatia :-)

Sailing and Paragliding Expedition
Adriatic sea, Croatia

Connecting the best way of travelling – Sailing – with the best reason for travelling – Paragliding – into one epic journey through the Adriatic Sea. Discovering new flying sites while getting there after a night at sea, a true adventure where everyone forms a part of it.
Paragliding conditions
Intermediate, Advanced
Flying Style: Cross Country, Soaring, Acro, Hike & Fly
Terrain: Mountains, Beach
Spot guidance
Along the route there are plenty of oficial take offs that we will visit. As on our past expeditions we will search some new magic spots where nobody ever flew before. Its a blend of coastal soaring sites on the islands and more xc suitable areas on the mainland like the coast of Montenegro. Whatever is your skill level, the good groundhandling is highly recomended. Many launches are rocky, not well prepared, a robust wing is preferable. Go light as we do good amount of hiking. Every pilot should have 2m radio and a celphone for comunication.

Trip characteristics
Accommodation: Boat
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Non-pilot
German English Spanish Polish Portuguese
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective
Up to 8 guests
The Destination

The 2017 route will take us from the greek islands (Lefkas, Corfu) all the way along the Albanian and Montenegro’s coast to Croatia and back. Based on our previous expeditions, this area offers one of the best flying conditions in the Mediterranean. From spectacular coastal flights on Lefkada, xc along the entire country of Montenegro, to discovering virgin sites on picturesque islands of Croatia. Crystal clear water, tranquil bays for anchoring or litle harbours, mediterrenean couisine and variety of culture awaits…

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The Experience

It’s all about adventure… Imagine sailing for the first time through the night with the sky full of stars and the music of the waves, arriving at sunrise in a perfect, unknown bay, beautifull and promissing mountains rising from the sea. The peace and the excitment at the same time. Hiking to the take off with no windsock, no shuttle service. And than the perfect moment and You are in the air, no matter if it will be simply coastal soaring or xc into unknown its pure happines, it has diferent taste, a taste of discovery… Top it up with landing next to the boat, cold beer and mediterrenean food on deck, another beautifull sunset and a promise of unknown and exciting tomorrow…

The concept

Rather than allinclusive tour, this trip is about becomming a part of the crew and creating this adventure together. The route is carefully planned, based on our experience and research, but we make the exact decisions in the moment, to make the most out of the weather conditions. We analize those together and decide where to fly, or where to sail.

Sailing part

No previous sailing experience is required. The expedition is actually a great oportunity to learn a lot about sailing. The crew will be divided into 2-3 persons teams that will get their turns on sailing or cooking watches. You will be given full guidance, briefings and help on the sailing duties. Depends on the transition but theese are usualy 3 hours shifts sailing the boat and cooking shifts every 4 days. The legs of the route are 200-300 nautical miles long which gives around 40-60 hours of sailing during the 13 days period. Keep in mind that it strictly depends on the weather. On every leg there will be some night sailing involved.


No matter if its an official take-off that we know or a new spot that nobody flew before, You can count on our expertise and guidance based on the 20 years of experience. As there is large variety of sites and conditions on the way, it will be a diferent aproach in case of coastal flying or cross country day where we will try to stick together, agree the flight options, retrive route, comunication.


The boat is provisioned in all sorts of dry and long term food. Fresh meet, vegetables and Ice are bought in every harbour. The menu is discussed and agreed acording to crew preferences. The crew is divided into 2-3 persons teams. Every team gets his turn cooking for the whole crew every 3-4 days. It can be either on the boat or BBQ on some remote beach. If that’s the crew choice we eat out sometimes to try local food. This is not included in the price though.

Inland transportation

To get to the take offs we either hike, use local transport or rent cars (spliting the costs, full day aprox 10 euros/person), depends on the crew’s preferences and the area.


Marek – Boat’s skipper, sailing since the age of 6. Thousands of miles of experience like sailing around Cape Horn or crossing the North Atlantic. 20 years of experience in paragliding, working in many places in the world as a guide, instructor, tandem pilot. Marce – 1st mate, from Argentinian Patagonia, she is responsible for provisions and logistic, takes care of those litle things that make life onboard so much easier.

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Itinerary 1

Leg 1: 16.09-29.09

Lefkada(Greece) – Corfu – Vlora(Albania) – Bar(Montenegro) – Budva – Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Thats a general route, the selection of stopovers on the way will depend on the flying/sailing conditions and our decisions.

Leg 2: 30.09-13.10

This leg will be a loop, starting and ending in Dubrovnik. In between we will search for new flying spots on Croatian islands and visit well known sites like Makarska Riviera, Omis, Vis

Leg 3: 14.10-27.10

Dubrovnik(Croatia) – Kotor(Montenegro) – Budva – Bar – Vlora(Albania) – Corfu(Greece)
Thats a general route, the selection of stopovers on the way will depend on the flying/sailing conditions and our decisions.

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Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


Our home and transport will be a 50 foot sailboat – Bavaria 50. It consists of 5 double cabins, 3 toilets with shower and hot water, kitchen (galley) with fridge, 3 burner stove-oven, large saloon and spacious cockpit with easy access to the bathing platform. Full navigation equipment, safety gear, solar panel, inflatable dinghy with outboar.

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Double cabin
Price is for double occupancy. Please inquire for single use.


Included services

Food: Full board
Sailing training and guidance
Extra expenses

visas and customs fees
car rental and local transport
Host’s Payment and Cancellation Policy.