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Skywalk X-Alps 4


Sicher. Zurück auf den Boden.

Im Falle eines Falles musst Du Dich auf Deinen Rettungsschirm hundertprozentig verlassen können. Deswegen setzt die PEPPER CROSS LIGHT bei Öffnungszeit und Pendelstabilität neue Maßstäbe. Der symmetrische Aufbau reduziert die Abdrift auf ein Minimum, was bei Kreuzkappen-Rettungsgeräten wegen der systembedingten Vorwärtsfahrt eine wichtige Rolle spielt. Weil maximale Sicherheit nicht schwer sein muss, punktet die PEPPER CROSS LIGHT zusätzlich mit sehr niedrigem Gewicht und kleinem Packvolumen. In der kleinsten Größe bringt sie gerade einmal 990 Gramm auf die Waage.
 Wer sein Rettungsgerät regelmäßig selber packt, wird den Innencontainer mit eigenem Leinenfach zu schätzen wissen. Robuste Materialien garantieren, dass unser Rettungsgerät auch nach vielen Jahren noch top in Schuss ist.
Ganz egal, ob schnittiger XC-Gurt oder ultraleichter Bergsteiger-Gurt – die PEPPER CROSS LIGHT ist immer dabei.


Gewicht ab 990g





Große Flächen lassen den Rettungsschirm langsam sinken


Aufgrund symmetrischem Aufbau


Größe 90 110 135
Fläche ausgelegt (m²) 26,90 32,50 40,10
Gewicht mit Innencontainer (g) 990 1140 1440
Anzahl der Bahnen 20 20 24
Sinken bei der jeweilig zugelassenen Anhängelast (m/s) 5,2 5,47 5,47
EN zugelassene maximale Anhängelast (kg) 90 110 135
LTF/EN Gütesiegel ja ja ja
Packvolumen (cm³) 3800 cm³ 4200 cm³ 5600 cm³


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The ROUTe 2019 -Red bull x-alps

The 2019 route for the world’s toughest adventure race has been announced!

The new route for Red Bull X-Alps 2019 will be harder than ever before.

The new route has been revealed for the 2019 Red Bull X-Alps, which will be the most challenging in the event’s 16-year history. Racing a straight-line distance of 1,138km from Salzburg to Monaco, 32 world class athletes from 20 countries including 2 women and 30 men will hike and fly via record-breaking 13 Turnpoints in 6 different countries – including Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and last but not least Monaco. This exciting new development will make the world’s toughest adventure race even more challenging and more unpredictable than ever before.
As if that wasn’t enough, the new Turnpoints in western Italy and the south of France will lead the participants to race along Europe’s largest mountain range and traverse it five times between the northern and southern as well as western and eastern fringes. Also Race director Christoph Weber says it’s going to be tough. “The race is earlier than the years before – that could mean a lot more snow in the high alpine, which could definitely slow the athletes down. If the weather isn’t good for flying, it could be a very long and exhausting race to Monaco!” 

Competitors perform at the start of the Red Bull X-Alps in Salzburg, Austria on July 2, 2017 / Leo Rosas                       

The historic Mozartplatz in Salzburg, Austria will mark the Start of the ninth edition of Red Bull X-Alps. From there, the athletes will run through the city and up the Gaisberg to Turnpoint 1. The scenic view will attract thousands of fans from far and wide, all of whom will be there to support the competitors as they set up their paragliders and embark on their first flight of the race.
From Gaisberg the race is on to Turnpoint 2 in Wagrain – Kleinarl, a mountain holiday town in the south of Salzburg – the terrain will by then be well known from the Prologue race just days earlier. Then it’s north to Turnpoint 3 at Aschau – Chiemsee to the northern edge of the Alps entering Germany. From there it’s a big trip south to Turnpoint 4 the Kronplatz in Italy which includes crossing the almost 4,000-meter-high mountain ridge of the Alps to tag the summit and sign the Turnpoint Sign next to the famous Messner Mountain Museum. 
Then it’s back north to Zugspitze, Germany’s highest summit, which has to be passed north – and from there the 32 adventurers will drop right back over the Austrian border to Turnpoint 5, Lermoos – Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Then they’ll start really moving west. Davos, Switzerland is Turnpoint 6 and is next on the list – right beside the beautiful Davosersee. After that it’s on to Turnpoint 7, Titlis – above Engelberg, where they’ll sign the highest Turnpoint Sign of the race on a glacier at 3.200m. 

Participant flies during the Red Bull X-Alps preparations in Zermatt, Switzerland on June 19, 2017

After that, the adventurers have got to pass Turnpoint 8 the Eiger, one of the most iconic mountains in the climbing world and Turnpoint 9 Mont Blanc which is the highest peak of the Alps before the next signboard at Turnpoint 10 in St Hilaire, France, one of the spiritual homes of free flight sport. Then it’s on to the last big leg. Past Turnpoint 11 at Monte Viso, the last big rock pyramid in Italy, as well as Turnpoint 12 Cheval Blanc, pointing their compass finally towards Peille. 
In a final push, the hungry competitors will battle it out over the remaining 91km to reach Turnpoint 13 in Peille where the clock will finally stop. From there the athletes only have to make the 2km victory flight over Monaco to the warm, blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They will touch down in style on a landing float to celebrate the accomplishment and relief of completing the world’s toughest adventure race.

Gaspard Petiot (FRA2) performs during the Red Bull X-Alps on Grubigstein, Austria on July 6th, 2017

For sure the distance and the number of Turnpoints indicates that it’s going to be the toughest route in the race’s 16-year history. From now, the athletes have just three months to prepare both body and mind for the enormous journey that lies ahead. Studying the geography of the route will go a long way, but to emerge victorious will take a whole new caliber of endurance and determination. There’s no telling who will take the title, but with some of the greatest athletes in the world, it will certainly be an adventure to remember.

Participant flies during the Red Bull X-Alps preparations in Verbier, Switzerland on June 18, 2017


Red Bull X-Alps 2019 is the world’s toughest adventure race, covering over 1,138km of alpine terrain. It will start on June 16, marking the ninth edition of the race. 32 world-class athletes from 20 nations take part in this grueling journey from Salzburg to Monaco only by foot and paraglider – their every move tracked and played out to an audience of millions via the Live Tracking. The competition field consists of 16 veterans, 15 rookies and one defending champion who will be looking to add a sixth consecutive victory to his resume.  
Along the way, the athletes will pass 13 Turnpoints in 6 different countries. Prior to the main event, the one-day Prologue race will see athletes jostle for a prime position. The top three finishers will earn themselves an additional Night Pass; allowing them to continue onwards once through the mandatory rest period.
This year’s route brings the racers into both familiar and new terrain – but you can count on every single day showing us rocky ascents, dizzying flights and crucial, strategic decisions – a challenge for body and mind. With a more demanding route than ever before, Red Bull X-Alps 2019 will be full of drama, adventure, and high-alpine action. The winner will need to be smart, strong, a master of both planning and reactivity – and have a little bit of luck. Red Bull X-Alps 2019 is the world’s toughest adventure race – and it’s starting soon. 
Important DatesPrologue in Wagrain – Kleinarl: June 13, 2019Press Conference at Hangar-7, Salzburg: June 15, 2019Race Start in Salzburg: June 16, 2019

How to prepare for the world’s toughest adventure race

How to prepare for the world’s toughest adventure race red bull x alps 2017

The athletes share their training routines for Red Bull X-Alps 2017, as they get ready to hike and fly 1,000km across the Alps.

Taking on the Red Bull X-Alps is arguably as tactical as it is exhausting. The athletes need a whole lot more than just excellent endurance racing, mountaineering and paragliding skills. They must also have the physical and mental strength to push themselves day after day towards the finishing line. The question is, how does one prepare for the almost superhuman strength and determination required to compete?Take Austrian pilot Paul Guschlbauer for example. His planning for this year’s race appears to be closely linked to intuition. He says that when training, he likes to take advantage of whatever nature provides. Guschlbauer goes ski touring if it snows, but takes to the air as soon as the thermals start. He also explains that he eats only what his body feels it needs and currently has no diet plan. “I think that having fun in what you do is essential for being in good mental and physical shape,” he says.

Gavin McClurg of the USA on the other hand has adopted a much more structured approach to his training. Following an impressive 8th place debut at Red Bull X-Alps 2015, McClurg’s brutal training regime is well under way. His physical preparation consists of intense interval workouts and anaerobic threshold training to build up strength. As if this wasn’t enough, he also manages to fit in cycling and ski touring several days a week to improve his endurance. “The goal is to make the body super resilient so it can handle the abuse,” he explains. In addition, he follows a strict diet plan developed by a professional nutritionist, which includes natural supplements such as fish oils and collagen powders.

Former German champion Manuel Nübel broke his kneecap just four months before Red Bull X-Alps 2015. Despite his injury, he went on to shock everyone with a grueling 9th place finish and will be hungry for more in 2017. He says; “I am already in better shape than last time and the next four months will boost my endurance for sure.” Like most, Nübel’s preparation includes mountain running, XC skiing and cycling. However, he has also been working on taking off in strong winds and packing his gear as fast as possible, which may give him an advantage during the race. Will he be capable of pushing for the podium now that he’s returning to full health?

Red Bull X-Alps rookie and 2017’s youngest competitor Tobias Grossrubatscher from Italy has a completely different set of factors to contend with. He needs both the physical preparation and careful planning to help him through the biggest race of his career. The highly motivated Italian has been training five to six times a week from hiking and flying, to ski touring and trail running. He is also working on a diet plan and has been studying the areas around Dachstein, Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. He says; “All preparation is on schedule, so we can concentrate on planning the routes and strategies.”

In contrast to Grossrubatscher, reigning champion Christian ‘Chrigel’ Maurer from Switzerland is able to draw on many more years of experience. The four-time consecutive winner of Red Bull X-Alps is currently planning to do 30,000m of vertical ascents each month until the start of the race. He also says that eating as much as possible is more important than a specific diet plan. For the first time however, Chrigel will be replacing his long-time teammate Thomas Theurillat with a new supporter, which may raise questions about whether he can retain the title. “At the start line, I know I can make it, but on the other hand every edition is new and different. This is what motivates me to do it again,” he says confidently.

Whatever the strategy, the constantly changing conditions make it impossible to predict how things will work out on race day. Mental preparation alone won’t be enough to win Red Bull X-Alps 2017. Tactical planning is nothing without physical fitness and unparalleled resilience; for this is set to be a whole new level of adventure.
To meet the athletes and learn more about the race, head over to redbullxalps.comand

NOTES TO THE EDITOR by red bull x alps 2017 

A full list of the 32 athletes including individual profiles and further details can be found on All athletes are available for interviews with the media upon request.
For editorial, image or interview requests please contact Maximilian Blair at or +43 6226 8848-29.

Red Bull X-Alps 2017 will start on July 2 and will be the eighth edition of the world’s toughest adventure race. The combination of trekking and paragliding is one of the most exciting hybrids to emerge from the ongoing convergence of mountain sports. During the race, athletes must hike or fly as fast as possible a straight-line distance of more than 1,000km across the Alps via a currently undisclosed number of turnpoints.

To bring fans even closer to the action, a one-day race – the Leatherman Prologue – will be held in Fuschl am See, Austria during which spectators can watch up close as the athletes race for one of three additional Ledlenser Nightpasses and a five-minute headstart on the main race. In 2015 this one-day race was won by Austrian Paul Guschlbauer.

Red Bull X-Alps 2015 saw 19 of the 32 competing athletes make the goal – a record number since the first race in 2003. Incredibly, 12 rookies crossed the finish line, including athletes from the US, Korea, New Zealand and elsewhere for the first time in history.

Swiss athlete Christian Maurer, however, won the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 race in the time of 8 days, 4 hours and 37 minutes. It was his fourth successive win – and a new record. Could 2017 see athletes like Sebastian Huber or Paul Guschlbauer end Maurer’s reign as Red Bull X-Alps champion? Only one thing is certain – anything could happen!

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